Saturday, February 23, 2008

glue gun

glue gun
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Crafting is one of Dusty's favourite things. Here he is wielding a glue gun to attach little pompoms to his pinecone 'hummingbirds'.

Yeah, I let my four year old use a glue gun. He also knows how to use my sewing machine.

Can I just go on about my little guy for a bit?

He loves nothing more than to take things apart, so he can see how they work. He enjoys looking at the guts of a computer, a bathroom scale, or a bread machine.

One of his favourite TV shows is Dirty Jobs. We were watching an episode a few weeks ago, in which they were using a giant vacuum to clean out a storm drain. There were a few rats running around in the drain, which pleased Dusty to no end. Since then, he has spent a great deal of time playing Baby Sewer Rat. He uses pillows and blankets and other stuff to turn his bedroom into his sewer, or his rats nest.

Other favorite games include Baby Meerkat, Baby Llama, and Baby Pirate.

He's currently reading at about a third grade level. He loves to read, but I'm hardly surprised, seeing as his dad and I are huge book whores.

He knows how to build a basic electrical circuit with wires and a battery, and knows how to add a switch to it.

He's started doing multiplication for fun.

He helps cook or bake almost every day.

He's generally such a sweet, gentle, personable, happy go lucky little guy, and he's (usually) so much fun to be around.

I'm so glad that I get to spend so much time with him. I do appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to do this. We live a very frugal life, which makes it easier to live on just my husband's income. My husband works nights, so the better part of the day it's just Dusty and I. He does do preschool two afternoons a week - I decided that this would be beneficial for him socially, as he has no siblings, and I am not a good model, what with the fact that I am a Complete Social Retard. He has made HUGE progress with his social skills since starting preschool in September, so I am really pleased. He's very outgoing and charming, and gets along so well with other kids. He's a little intimidated by kids who play rough, but can pretty much hold his own.

Our days are filled with crafting, artwork, being out in nature, our gardens, working in the kitchen - I have to admit, it's a pretty great life.


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